Wickcraft Logo

Wickcraft piers have been meeting and exceeding pier owners’ expectations since 1954. Wickcraft Company, Inc. not only strives to provide the highest quality piers and accessories but also has a strong focus on customer service. For over a decade, Manke Enterprises has been a Wickcraft retailer, backing up the quality manufacturing with experienced sales and service.

Easy to Install and Remove

Wickcraft boat docks and piers use the posi-lock connecting system for a quick and easy installation. In fact, their piers can be easily installed and removed by only one person and there is no need to get in the water!

Galvanized Steel Frame

Wickcraft pier frames are constructed from galvanized steel. The steel frames add increased stability, even in rough waters. Galvanized steel is also extremely durable and has a lifetime of 52 years submerged before rusting. Did you know that galvanized steel actually weighs less than aluminum, making Wickcraft piers lighter to handle when installing and removing from the water.

Wickcraft DockCustomized to Fit Your Needs

Wickcraft piers can be customized to fit all of your waterfront needs from dealing with challenging shore lines to varying lake floors and river bottoms. The posi-lock connecting system allows for a variety of configurations that are flexible and interchangeable, giving you unlimited design options for added waterfront enjoyment. As your needs change, so can your Wickcraft pier by adding intermediate sections at any time.

Priced to Fit Your Lifestyle

Wickcraft piers are competitively priced so that you get the best bang for your buck! Whether you are looking for a basic L-shaped pier, floating pier, or an elaborately designed pier of your dreams, Manke Enterprises can help you configure a pier with your personal budget in mind.