Seasonal Services

Dock and Lift Services

Do you need a boat dock installed, removed, fixed, or upgraded? We’ve got the experience to do the job right the first time.

Canopy Maintenance

We take care of all your canopy needs including cleaning, repair, and storage.

Boat House Construction Consultation

Sometimes, the most valuable thing we have to offer is our knowledge. If you’re planning on building a boat house, installing a custom dock, or doing something unique, we can help.

Mooring and Buoys

We can help you with mooring weight and buoy installation, removals, or repositioning.

Lift and Dock Transportation and Storage

Whether you need it moved to a new place or stored for a season, we can help.

Marine Salvage and Marine Recovery

Severe or unexpected weather, collisions, or any number of other factors can result in your equipment underwater. Our state of the art barges make recovering your equipment a breeze.

Shoreline Tree Removal

Need to clear some trees to give better shoreline access? We can help.

Construction Material Hauling

We’ve hauled a lot of things in the 30-plus years we’ve been in business. We can easily deliver or carry away construction materials, heavy equipment, trees & logs … almost anything else.

Repair Parts Inventory

With an extensive parts inventory including cable fabrication, replacement, and welding, we have anything you would need.

Service Scheduling

If you have equipment that needs to be serviced, we have convenient online access to request appointments